Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emotional Business: From Simple Stuff to Serious Business

Recently, there are so many advertisement in television, media, and online ads about registration for any kind of things. Reg_primbon, reg_cinta, reg_jodoh, and so on and on ... The price for that is not cheap. it's about 2000 rupiah/sms as i know. I myself never be interested for that kind of not-so-useful things. But the fact, those not-so-useful things are booming! Just right here, in Indonesia! Some of them can reap millions and millions rupiah each day.

These days, we can find many advertisement on the internet about some emotional offers such as: cara gampang jadi kaya, kerja santai dan kaya, cepat kaya dgn mudah, and so on ... Here is another great examples! I read on some media that spot on these. According to them, some of these are big liar, some are quite good, and some are great. Despite of its purposes and motivation, statistic said that players in this field are earning billion and billion rupiah.

I was wondering what is so interesting with this business. After I spent sometime reviewing, researching, and thinking, I realized that there is a huge and unique potential in Indonesia' business world: Emotion. Everything that has an emotional feeling are HOT business in Indonesia. Simple stuff can be a serious business if you can add emotional spices. Those who can sense and diligently wrap their products with emotional spices, and put effort to work on it, can easily conquer a segment of unique markets.

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